Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing provides project and maintenance support at every life cycle stage of equipment. Areas of specialisation include:

• Project specific strategy development, formalisation and execution.
• Remote and isolated project site execution.
• Specialised maintenance management and execution.
• Safety behaviour and process management.
• Specialised project teams.
• Training.
• New machine assembly and commissioning (Hitachi EX8000, Hitachi EX5500 and Komatsu PC5500 machines being most in demand).
• Mid-life maintenance which involves major component change-outs and shutdowns.
• Maintenance and Repair Contracts (MARC).
• Specialised bolting.
• Design, fabrication, manufacturing and commissioning of engineered products.
• End of life decommissioning which involves the disassembly and stripping of large capital equipment.
• Modifications and site specific alterations.
• Repair after catastrophic failure and damage of components and equipment.
• Beneficiation plant erection and demolishment.
• Spares supply.
• Parts services.

Custom designing

Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing can custom design and manufacture any metal products to your specification.  Custom-made products that we have designed and fabricated include livestock farming equipment such as portable livestock panels, feeding troughs, trailers and mobile water tanks.