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  • Various projects at Tete Coal Fields in Mozambique, including the assembly of:
    • Two EX5500 hydraulic excavators under the recommended assembly schedule.
    • Two of Africa’s first and largest Hitachi EX8000 hydraulic excavators.
    • Five EH5000 300 t rigid frame haul dump trucks.
  • A number of midlife refurbishment in South Africa on EX5500, EX800, EX3600, EX1900, as well as three EH3000 rebuilds at Vale, Anglo Coal and Glencore Xstrata mines.
  • Assembly of a new EX 2600 and EX 3600 hydraulic excavator under the recommended assembly schedule at Glencore Xstrata Mines.
  • The rebuild and modification of two Terex Jaw crushers as per client specification at Genet Mineral Processing.
  • The rebuild of two EX1200 for Benicon Mining.
  • The dismantling and removal of an iron ore crusher plant for Thysenkrupp at their Thabazimbi site.