About Us

The complex nature of construction and mining projects and equipment, in conjunction with the acknowledged skills gap in the operational needs of maintenance projects within these industries, have compelled companies to call in specialised, outsider expertise and assistance in order to manage and fill these gaps. Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing was founded to address these particular needs.

As specialists in project management and equipment maintenance within the construction and mining industries, Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing focuses on new machine assembly, upgrades, shutdowns and decommissioning, as well as the rebuilding, repair and maintenance of different types of heavy equipment and machinery within the construction and mining sectors. We plan, manage and execute the entire maintenance process – taking care of all logistics, human resources and equipment requirements.

Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing understands that budgeting and staffing constraints do not allow for equipment companies and mining operations to provide for standby maintenance staff. We also understand the extraordinary project management requirements and specialised resources required at specific project and equipment life cycle stages. As such, Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing has established roving maintenance capabilities. Specialised teams and hit squads can be deployed as and when required, allowing the client’s staff to continue to concentrate on the core business while we engage in specialised projects. This prevents downtime and ensures that the daily running of operations continues as normal, without interruption.

Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing owns their own equipment and tools, and has access to highly trained professionals, certified artisans, and skilled and semi-skilled labourers, which provides the necessary mobility and flexibility to establish onsite task forces that can rapidly be deployed at a very cost-effective price. The team’s familiarity and years of experience within the mining and construction industries ensure their understanding of and adherence to all safety and regulatory systems.

The entrepreneurial culture within Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing, fuelled by the vision of its founder, Armand Fourie, facilitates new approaches to challenges. It also means tight control and focus on cost drivers, productivity and turnaround times.

Financials and Insurances

Summit Rock Mining and Manufacturing has professional indemnity insurance for risks relevant to errors/omissions. They also have broadform liability insurance that covers public liability, products liability and defective workmanship liability, negligent advice and pollution liability.